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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kimchi: take 2

I tweeked my normal recipe to include less salt and threw in some broccoli to make a 2nd full jar.  We will see how that turns out in about a week.  Looks good though, i just hope there is enough liquid in the jars for them to properly ferment.

(left: regular kimchi, right: broccoli kimchi)

I have to say, i kinda like fermenting over canning at the moment, no boiling water, the jars arent required to be sterilized, its a LOT less effort.  Not sure what types of veggies would ferment ok, but I have heard of apples and onions together and squash & pumpkin together.  May try this with squash and onions.

I will keep you updated with what combos I try and how I succeed or how I bomb.

 Until then, happy Homesteading!!

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