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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cleaning tips and the no-shampoo experiment

I am trying to clean my house to the point where I can just do upkeep during the week and more heavy duty stuff maybe once a month.  So far, I am off to a good start, but it seems like my arch nemesis will always defeat me....laundry.  Although, now that the weather is dry and hot, I can fill my clothesline to capacity and it only takes about 30 minutes for a load to dry, so I am getting it done a bit faster.

So, my questions to you are, what are your cleaning tips to make it go smoother?

Do you use any natural/homemade cleaners?  If so, what works for you?

Now, on to the no-shampoo experiment...
Before you call me a crazy dirty hippie, hear me out.  Shampoo, while smelling good, is made to strip the oil out of your hair.  Your hair actually needs a certain amount to be healthy.  So in the days after shampooing your hair becomes more oily causing you to shampoo again.  It's a vicious cycle, thank you corporate America for getting us addicted to yet one more thing.

Well, in this experiment, you still wash your hair, but use a baking soda paste, scented with essential oils if you just have to have yummy smelling hair.  The baking soda will cleanse your hair and neutralize the odors while leaving the oils alone.

Today was day 4 with no shampoo and my first day trying the baking soda.  Y'all, I'm being honest here, I  was skeptical.  But after vigorously rinsing my hair, it came out so soft and passed Mance's sniff test.  I'm going to be shampoo free and try the baking soda again on Saturday.

Has anyone else ever tried this?  Would yo be willing to try  it?  Tell me what you think!!


  1. It seems we have a common foe... *glares at the laundry hamper* I do want to start making my own cleaning products, not only so I can be more environmentally friendly but also more cost efficient.

    As for the shampoo, I use a sulfate free one that is also organic. But I wouldn't mind giving the baking soda a shot.

  2. Very cool hun! Let me me know how the no shampoo thing goes. I have issues with ichy scalp so if you have any problems let me know. I'm asking because I'd be willing to try it out. :)


  3. I will update about the shampoo saturday, but so far so good, im not dry or itchy and my head doesnt smell sweaty. (which is amazing cuz of all the sweatin I did today!) so it looks hopeful!!!

    Aimee, i will be updating with cleaning formulas i have tried, so far, baking soda for greasy stoves and vinegar with lemon juice for counters and such seem to be my favorite.

    I will be trying homemade laundry detergent *hears the pile laughing maniacally at her from the corner* and will post my results; just have to find a store that sells the arm & hammer washing soda...