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Counting it down, are you prepared??

The Homestead Kitchen

So many of my friends told me I needed to sell my jams and goodies, so now I do!  Here's the product list, please email me to place an order.  For those not local, shipping will be included in your total.

We provide home-canned goodies such as jams/jellies, relishes, pickles, veggies, and fresh baked vegan yeast free breads.

We strive to provide customers with the finest quality products. We also do our best to use sustainable green practices by using fresh, mostly organic, mostly local produce and also buy our supplies from a local provider. All of our scraps are composted and the compost used in the garden where we grow what we can.

Prices are:
$4 per loaf
$5 for half pints
$7 for pints
$10 for quarts

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Breads - vegan & yeast free
rosemary garlic
regular white
regular wheat
biscuits (reg, italian, garlic)
optional: add cheese to any loaf

Jams/Jellies/Butters - regular or sugar free
apple butter
peach butter
pumpkin butter
berry preserves (you pick berry type)
jalapeno jelly
habanero jelly

Canned Veggies
pick a veggie lol
dill & bread n butter pickles
dill & bread n butter green tomato relish

Frozen Soups/Entrees - vegan & vegetarian available
Quiche (you pick up to 3 ingred)
Soups (selection varies)
Pot Pies

chocolate chip
strawberry (any berry)
candy bar

Misc. Items
salsa verde
herb infused vinegars/oils

Gift baskets
pick 2 or more items
 (example: loaf of bread and peach butter or loaf of garlic bread jar of vegan spaghetti sauce & italian green beans)