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Thursday, May 19, 2011

garden updates and random stuff

According to Facebook,  the apocolypse is this weekend, Saturday to be exact.  So I thought I better take stock of the garden..not so good.

Yesterday I put 2 tomato plants in the ground and the 2 that are still in pots (the black prince and patio varieties) are doing well.  They are both flowering like crazy and I even have a tomato on the black prince.  I have quite a few pepper plants, the banana are flowering profusely but no peppers yet.  The jalapeno and bells seem to be struggling, I need to get them in the ground today.  It seems I have lost my zucchini and watermelon and 3 of my eggplant.  Also, the squash that was blooming so beautifully appears to be dying....not sure why.  All of my herbs are doing great and have been providing their yummy goodness to many dishes over the past couple weeks.

I do hope to be able to replace some of the lost plants soon.  Again, donations are accepted.  (just joking, or am I?)

The apple tree seems to be doing great!  I can't wait to get another one and also a peach tree.  Fresh peaches are amazing.  In the meantime, I will have to deal with picking my own at Jones Orchard when they are ready.

Well, my mother in law confirmed that my first batch of blackberry preserves were a success!  I can't wait to make more for us.  The apple butter was also a success; in addition to the  jar I gave my mom I have some in the fridge and in the cabinet.

I will be starting another batch of kimchi today and making more sweet and spicy slaw (see Veg'n In the 'burbs for recipes).  Still looking for a place to buy scobys so I can try my hand at Kombucha making.

Until next time, be safe, avoid the apocalypse riots and don't touch that mail truck, I have already claimed it!


  1. Hee hee, I miss mail trucks... they are definitely awesome. I guess I'll settle for the creepy pink ice cream truck that comes around - I'll have to paint it, but that's okay. :D


  2. that works too! and you have the benefit of the coolers if you can keep them running. but yeah totally repaint it... and kill the creepy music (or is it just ours that have creepy music?)

  3. The music is definitely not too creepy, but the pinkness is!

    As for more on topic - my two (cherry - one orange, one yellow) tomatoes are flowering, as is one of my (five) strawberries. England is having a bumper year for strawberries apparently, which means I can get them plentiful and half-price from the store right now. *grins* As for other plants... I suspect the potatoes are doing something, the rosemary has apparently decided to birth a tiny rosemary next to it, and the chives are perking back up... can't complain!

  4. Thats great! My strawberries aren't doing anything at the moment, but I think they are Junebearers and everbearers so we will see! My peppermint has taken over and sprouted quite a few baby plants and my creeping thyme & rosemary are creeping everywhere.

    Potatoes, garlic and onions drive me nuts...I like to see progress. Maybe I should plant them in clear plastic tower next year lol. Potato towers are awesome.