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Thursday, May 5, 2011

oh the things you find when not looking.....

So driving around the neighborhood the other day to assess storm damage (to be nosy really) I noticed I was not the only one in the 'hood with chickens!  Just a couple streets over there is a nice family that has some, I have yet to talk to them, but it is on my list.  On this same trip, I noticed my neighbor that had solar panels had taken them down.  (Note to self: go pick their brains about solar energy).  And then, as I turned the corner to come home, I saw something I haven't seen since my childhood growing up in rural IL - my neighbor has a manual lawnmower, you know the kind you push that has no motor just a roll of blades.  I WANT ONE!!!!

This has been a good week for discoveries.  I found out one of my high school friends, who I am back in touch with thanks to facebook, just got a beehive and is now beekeeping.  He is also an avid veggie gardener and home brews his own beer.  (Note to self:  talk to him about bartering!).  It really warms my heart to see so many people trying to be more conscious of their impact on Mother Earth and more self sustaining.

So I was playing in the backyard yesterday with the kids (read: getting horribly sunburned) and noticed some plants with large leaves growing by my patio.  Upon furthur inspection, I noticed they have blossoms on my surprise I had canteloupe or watermelon growing from where we had spit out seeds last summer!!  I quickly and carefully pulled them up and potted them and fertilized them, I pray they make it, I am so excited to see which type of melon they are!!

On the agenda for this weekend:  Replace lost plants, go grocery shopping at farmers market, and hopefully find time to pick strawberries at the Agricenter and make preserves and sugar free preserves for Cory!  (Expect a post about preserves coming soon)

Oh, I almost forgot, Zombie Apoc. survival tip #1 - cardio

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  1. Cardio is definitely key to defeating zombies. They may be dead, but that's a LOT of dead weight comin' at your brain. You need to be able to push those bastards off.