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Monday, May 9, 2011


As you know (or may not know) we have had aweful weather reacently including tornadoes and floods.  I thought my garden would be a loss and while I did lose a couple plants, to my surprise I found this when I walked outside this morning:

My squash is blossoming!  Not only that, but the zucchini is loaded with buds, and my tomatoes are too.  Seem to be having problems with the tomatoes though, as much as they flower, they don't fruit.  I have 3 varieties and am having the same problem with all of them.
Even though it is small, my raspberry bush seems to be blossoming also.  I thought it was a goner for sure, after the storms it stood in about 6 inches of water for quite a few days.  I'm not really expecting any berries this summer, but it is an everbearing, so maybe this fall.

As for the reast of the plants, they are doing well, the herbs are producing like madness.  The cilantro and basil are making great additions to the cooking and the pineapple sage is getting big.  Still havent figured out what to use it in...maybe a sweet and sour stirfry type dish.  Had to transplant the lemon thyme today, they were getting too big for their tiny pots and are now sharing a planter.  That stuff is a great addition to any dish that needs a citrus touch.

Other than that, not much going on here at the homestead.  Praying Scarlett starts laying again soon (I thinks he stopped because of the storms) and looking in to buying some chicks.  Stinks I can only have 6 hens at a time.

Oh, I am experimenting with fermenting and have 2 jars of yummy looking kimchi fermenting on the counter.  I really can't wait to try it!!! And if it turns out, I have been asked by a local farm, Oleo Acres to show off my fermenting skills at one of their survival workshops in June! (exact date and details to be announced when we cement hte plans)  I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

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