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Saturday, May 14, 2011

a few random updates

The No-Shampoo Experiment:
Today was wash #2 with just baking soda, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  The first wash was Wednesday and I didn't get oily, itchy or overly sweaty.  I had Mance do a smell test before and after shower and he said I came out smelling clean (and believe me he would tell me if I wasn't so fresh).  So, I am happy with this outcome and have noticed all my scalp problems (dry, itchy, oily and breakouts) have disappeared since I started the baking soda wash.  Is this for everyone?  Probably not, but it works for me.  My hair has never felt this healthy and soft.

Project:  Kimchi
The 2 jars of kimchi that now gracemy refridgerator shelf are quite yummy!!  I admit I used way too much salt (thats what I get for actually following a recipe, huh?) but other than that, it goes geat on Tofurky kielbasa!

And much to my surprise, I was asked to demonstrate the process at a local farm's survival workshop.  Oleo Acres, June 25, 2011 in the AM.  I want to see all you locals there!!!!!  Hell, I might even give you some free kimchi. LOL

Garden Updates:
My Black Prince tomatoes are flowering & fruiting, the patio tomatoes are flowering like madness as are the banana peppers.  The squash that is so beautifully flowering is not fruiting.  Not quite sure whats going on there.  Still need to get more zucchini & eggplant and some cucumbers.  And need some peat pots to start some bean and corn seeds I have.  Donations of plants or cash are happily accepted. LOL

I did lose my raspberry bush to the flooded backyard, but that can be replaced.  Oh and Scarlett has not started laying again, or if she has Ariel(my dog) beats me to the eggs.  Its sad too cuz ain't no egg better than a backyard egg!!!


  1. Well it sounds like the baking soda is working well for you! I might have to try it. What exactly do you do when you wash your hair?

  2. i make a paste with the baking soda and water and massage it into my scalp then rinse till it doesnt feel gritty anymore. thats it :)

    Let me know if you try it and how it works for you!!

  3. OKIE. I will let you know when I try it. I do plan to. ;)