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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

garden updates

well its been a crazy week around here, sorry for the lack of updates.  Here's what's going on in my backyard, will update with some pics later.

all 5 of my plants are blossoming profusely and I have about 20 tomatoes that are getting bigger everyday.

out of the 3 types of peppers I have, they are all flowering but not producing...not sure whats going on there.

I finally have some baby yellow squash on my plants!!  and the zucchini is making a comeback from the funk it went through when I transplanted it.

both white eggplants are doing well and fruiting.  my ichiban are just growing bigger with no fruit or flowers...

The herbs:
all are doing well, i had to buy a new cilantro plant (my other died after flowering) and added curled parsley to the mix.

the cucumber vines are taking good, the okra thankfully didnt go through transplant shock and i have 10-12 corn stalks sprouting up that need transplanted! 

Also, i have 9 sweet potato pvines that need put in, trying to figure out if I am going to try the tower method or just stick them in the ground.  still have a few more things i want to add, oh I did start 4 more garlic sprouts, my other died thanks to the kids...

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