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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Does the Garden Grow?

Well, this past month has been full of.....waiting!  we did add 8 sweet potato vines, 3 corn plants and transplanted a few more mystery vines. we lost 1 watermelon vine, 2 eggplants, and 2 yellow squash.  we also lost a huge crop of tomatoes to the squirrels.

Added 3 new chickens - 1 buff orpington (now deceased, thank my dogs), 1 rhode island red (happily freeranging in the back yard), and 1  ariconda (freeranging in the neighbors bushes till I catch it). I do plan on getting a couple more at teh next workshop July 23rd.

this morning it was delighted to see progress and smal veggies on my plants - jalapenos, cucumbers & ichiban eggplants!  have a few baby tomatoes left, but definitely need some netting or something.

I also want to take a minute to rant - and you wont see this often - but all the raids on raw milk companies and farms and herb companies are making me crazy.  i'm going to start putting together all the docs i need for a passport and move my family to Canada...I swear it!!!!!  I feel so bad for the woman facing 93 days in jail for gardening in her front yard...

So how is your garden growing?  And what scares you most about the Food Safety Modernazation Act?   If alcohol is legal to buy, why cant we buy raw milk???

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