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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Updates & a Giveaway!!

Well, updates are few and far between as I think my plants are hibernating from the heat.  I have gotten a couple very small cucumbers, a handful of yellow plum tomatoes and 1 patio tomato.  All quite delicious but not enough for this homesteader!

In the quest to being closer to self sufficient, I am planning a fall garden of spinach, lettuces, beets, beans (all in pots) & herbs (indoors in the dining room). I am also totally open to suggestions as to what to plant and when, year round gardening is new to me!

On a good note, the okra is going crazy!!  The eggplants are all flowering like madness but just not producing; makes for a pretty garden though!

Garden Shots Summer 2011

I have also found a great seed company I will be ordering from for spring, Sustainable Seed Co..  They have a whole section of non-gmo open pollinated organic seeds.  This is exactly what I want (figured I would drop that hint in case anyone felt the need to make a donation).

I have also been canning up a storm and have at least 30 jars under my counter, not to mention what I have given away/bartered.  It is so satisfying to look down there and see homepacked jars of organic veggies seasoned without all the yucky stuff of store bought veggies.  They taste so much better too!!

My favorites so far have been the ginger-peach butter (which all my friends love and are requesting more of), the dill green tomato relish (a new recipe for me) and the sriracha (Mance's favorite!)

I am also very excited about the fig preserves (figs foraged off tree next door), pickled watermelon rind (waste not, want not, right?), and the marinated mushrooms!

Now if we could get the hookup on deer & rabbit meat, Mance would be set!  I also need to send him fishing more often. LOL  (Oh, and a note to self:  get rid of dogs and get more chickens)

And now on to the giveaway:
The Permaculture Media Blog (which you should totally subscribe to) is giving away a copy of The Quarter Acre Farm by Spring Warren; so click the book title, check it out and enter!  I did!!

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