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Counting it down, are you prepared??

Thursday, September 1, 2011

National Preparedness Month

In honor of Sept 11, 2001 September was made National Preparedness Month.  While I think we need to be focused on being prepared year round, bringing this into the spotlight is a good thing.  With the recent earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes & floods, we need to come to grips with the fact we may need to fend for ourselves for more than a couple days - maybe a couple weeks.  I know everyone thinks of stocking food and water, but what about your medications?  If you know of a storm coming your way, go refill your prescription, you do not want to run out of heart meds or insulin during an emergency situation.  Do you have bandaids or ace bandages?  Do you have aspirin or ibuprofen?  Betadine, alcohol & peroxide?  Do you need to check your kit?

Here's links to some sites that have a wealth of info:

And also a store that sells bulk and emergency preparedness items:

What do you have in your preparedness kit?  What items do you recommend that aren't listed?  Are you prepared for a natural or manmade disaster?  What did you/are you doing to prepare?

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