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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fall Garden

Prep for the fall garden is well underway!  We have planted some spinach and lettuce that is sprouting now and will be moved to a coldframe later.  The coldframe is currently being "lasagna composted" and we will use clear plastic or a tarp to cover.  I am also inheriting 2 of each broccoli and cauliflower plants from a friend.  One of the roma bush beans failed to thrive and I have 3 more that are sprouting nicely.  Hopefully the fall garden will lead to a more bountiful harvest than the summer one did.

My yellow plum tomatoes are still producing and little clusters of tomatoes are hanging like grapes. Hopefully they all ripen at the same instead of one at a time.  I have 1 eggplant that is still producing, they other 2 have stopped and 1 pepper plant that is still trying.  The herbs are doing great, still have peppermint, chocolate mint, rosemary, basil and lemon thyme.

Summer Garden Summary:

Reasons for conclusion:
Definitely not self sustaining, most of the veggies failed to produce, were eaten by the hen or destroyed by the dogs.  

Notes for next year:
Utilize space in front yard, fence off chicken run, barriers around garden, plant more

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