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Counting it down, are you prepared??

Monday, December 12, 2011

Long Overdue Updates

Sorry y'all for not updating sooner, I've had a ton going on.  My garden right now consists of 2 broccoli plants, 2 cauliflower plants, rosemary & nagoya red kale.  I'm hoping to get a greenhouse setup for christmas so that I can add some more and start some seeds for spring.

Forecast says its gonna be almost 70 degrees later this week.  It's mid-December y'all, this ain't normal.  Today I have been busy clearing out clutter and added 13 litres of water to my emergency stash.  My gut tells me a storm's a coming, and I'm gonna be prepared.  Got about 10 more litres i need to take out and rotate with fresh.

I've been doing a ton of reading lately and wanted to share some stuff with y'all.

Generation Organic

This is one inspiring moved me to tears y'all.

Town trying to grow all its own veg

Companion planting


  1. I know what you mean.... these weird temps do not bode well for us this winter... :P

  2. most agreed, im prepping for a very harsh winter; just wish my finances would let me prep a bit more.

    got a great blog to check out too