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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Death of Writers Block

Writer's Block has been slain like the demon it is!  Things around here have been busy, both in the yard and the house.  We are working on redecorating the inside and have painted the dining room and kitchen, my son's room is next.

Out in the garden, we turned new beds, lined them with black garden fabric and planted tons of stuff!

This is 6 tomato plants (1 mortgage lifter, 1 black prince & 4 rutgers, 1 sweet basil, 1 hungarian hot pepper & 2 tomatillos. We have since finished laying the fabric

The left section with the planter is the herb bed. The top tier of the planter is greek oregano, the bottom of the planter in this pic is sage but we moved it to the ground in front of the planter since they get 2-3' tall. Now there is french tarragon and sweet marjoram in the bottom of the planter.

The bed with the trellis in it has 2 ambrosia melons against the trellis and 2 bush crop cucumbers in front. The larger bed at the time of this pic was 3 chubby checker corn plants, 2 sweet banana pepper plants, 2 each of zucchini and crookneck squash.

Since taking these pictures, we have lost 1 tomatillo to a badly placed husband's knee, all 3 pepper plants to a hungry hen, all 3 corn plants to either a scratching hen or a digging dog..c'est la vie right?!

Ooh, also found out you can regrow things like celery, bok choy and romaine lettuce by putting the 'butts' in warm water!  After 2 days I am seeing new growth on my bok choy!!!

We are also hoping no crazy weather hits, it is already warmer than normal and we have already seen days creeping toward 90 degrees. April is usually a month of wild electrical storms and some tornadoes for us, so here's hoping we miss it this time around, although the occasional shower would be great! 

Check out what the Almanac says about the past couple and next couple days:
10th-12th Barren Period. Do No Planting.
13th-14th Favorable Days For Planting Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Radishes, Onions, And Root Crops.

 Glad I saw that ahead of time!! Thank to Tim at Oleo Acres Farm for sharing these tidbits from the Almanac on his Facebook page. Be sure to click the link and like his page!!

Other than gardening and painting, I have been canning up a storm, gotta love the clearance produce from Kroger and Easy Way! So far in the past couple weeks I have put up half pints of strawberry preserves, sugar free raspberry preserves, mixed berry jam, sriracha, pickled green tomato relish, and pints & quarts of glazed carrots and cajun spiced yellow squash. i need to get some pics up of all the pretty jars. sorry i'm a slacker without a camera at the moment.

In keeping with the topic of store sales, we have also stocked up on what we can for an emergency situation. It's good to keep at least a month's worth of food on hand in case of an emergency or unexpected situation like loss of income.  My friend's think I'm nuts, but 3 of them have already said "I know where I'm coming when SHTF." I said "Oh really? What are you bringing with you, ain't no free rides here?"  LOL  By the way, scroll back to the top and check out the ZA counter..only 8 months and such left, be prepared people!!!!!
Prepared Pantry - 30 day supply

So my questions for you all are, what's going on in your garden? And what are you doing to prepare for an emergency situation? (This is especially for my TN friends, cuz you now the weather here in April is CRAZY!)

Ok, I think I'm done ramblin' for the night. I'm going to bed now.

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