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Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday means weekend updates!

Well, thanks to Mother Nature, who has blessed us with decent weather this weekend (its in the 60s now) we got quite a bit accomplished around here!  Had a friend bring us some deer meat Friday, so we got that cut down and vaccuum sealed and in the freezer.  The biggest accomplishment being the chicken coop (it's now shingled. planning a raised bed on top)

Then, we rehung the 2 long clotheslines, turned the compost, turned a patch of dirt where I am planting beans, added compost to that patch and turned it again. I started some turnip and beet seeds using a method I found on Wintersown, I can't wait to chart their progress! Hmm...let's see...oh, while digging in the dirt with the kids, I found quite a few purple sweet potatoes that were hiding from me when I harvested.  Most were molded but  few pieces were good enough to save to root and plant.  Pics to come soon!

What's going on on your homestead?

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