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Counting it down, are you prepared??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why the Zombie Apocolypse could happen...

doctor studies zombies

And you ask what homesteading has to do with the zombie apocolypse?  Well, think  about it, in all the zombie movies, they end up with out power and fuel eventually runs out.  you need to be prepared to survive without electricity and fuel.  And that is relative to the goal of homesteading: living off the grid. 

So here I will take a minute to recommend some reading material for you:
Surviving the Apocolypse in the Suburbs by Wendy Brown
Where There is no Doctor

And depending on how far you wanna take it, I suggest learning how to make your own candles and soap.  My friends and I are working on amassing a library of how-to books on subjects like blacksmithing, preserving meats, and tanning hides, and making bows and arrows, anything we might ever need and then some and maybe some things we don't.  But better to be prepared right??

So, we are preparing for the apocolypse; are you??

Many of the skills needed for the ZA are also common disaster preparedness/homesteading skills.

Preserving water:
Always wondered how to bottle your own water?  Well, I can tell you, because I do it.
Only use empty sterilized soda bottles.  Milk jugs and juice bottles are not usable because they don't fully come clean. 
Once you are done drinking the soda, rinse the bottle.  Then wash it with hot, soapy water making sure you  cover every surface of the bottle and rim.  Rinse till there is no soap residue.  Next, pour in one capful of bleach and fill the bottle about half way (for a 2 or 3 liter bottle, less bleach for a 20oz). Put the lid on tight and shake making sure the bleach  water touches every surface of the bottle. Drain (when I do this I pour the bleach water over the inside of the cap to sterilize it also).  Rinse bottle till you can  no longer smell the bleach.  Fill bottle with clean water and close lid tight, making sure not to touch rim of bottle or lid with your fingers.  dry the bottle and write the date on it.  Shelf life = 6 mos.

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