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Monday, April 25, 2011

So I finally did it

I finally did it, after months of promising I was going to, I started a blog.  Here it is, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I hate to have negativity in my first post, but I  am gonna jump right in with what's going on here.  The weather...enough said.  for the past couple weeks we have had strong storms with tornadoes and hail.  Not good conditions for little seedlings.  my sugar snap peas drowned.  Thankfully my raspberry bush made it through and my trooper of an apple tree survived the straightline and tornadic winds.  Not sure if my blackberry bush is gonna make it through though.  Everything else is still in pots and doing well inside.  With more storms predicted for the next few days, there is no telling when I can get them in the ground!  GRRRR

Now then to the more pleasant stuff.  For those that aren't quite sure what homesteading means, here's what wiki had to say.

We are doing this to get back in touch with nature and save some money on our utility bills while we are at it.  That is definitely an added bonus; as it lots of home-canned summer veggies and jams in the winter time. It will also prove useful when the zombie apocolypse comes LOL

Saving rain water is also a good change for us.  We don't have a rain barrel yet, but it is in the works.  We use the saved rainwater to water the plants and man do they prefer that to tap water!! 

Let me close with a few tips to get you started:
1.start a veggie garden.  Not only will this save on your grocery bill, but fresh food tastes so much better and usually has more nutritional value.

2.conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when not in use.  Also take advantage of natural light when you can.  My house usually doesn't use lights till around 7pm in the summer time.

3.If you are crafty and have the time, try making your own clothes.  Start simple with a skirt or halter top (ladies) and a basic tshirt or shorts (guys).  There are many very simple patterns on the net.  Not only is this fun and a stress reliever, it's very rewarding when complimented to tell teh person you made it yourself.

4.canning and preserving.  Whether this be with homegrown veggies or farmers market specials, you are guaranteed have yummy healthy food year round.

Now these tips aren't for everyone, but remember these are just a few changes you can make and there are many more not listed.  Figure out the time and resources you have to commit and figure out what homesteading practices you can incorporate.

thanks for stopping by and happy homesteadin'


  1. Hey girl! Great start to your blog, and I must say you get brownie points for referring to the zombie apocalypse. ;) LOL *hugs* I'll be reading for sure! Love, Kelly

  2. why thank you! i figure I can work the ZA in at least once a week...